FS Chapter 189:

Matlacha/ Pine Island Fire Control District complies with Florida Statute 189.069 Uniform Special District Accountability Requirements. 

1.a.          https://www.pineislandfire.org

1.b.          Not applicable

2.a.1.       Matlacha/ Pine Island Fire Control District

2.a.2.       Fire Protection and Rescue Service

2.a.3.       Board of Commissioners

2.a.4.       The fiscal year of the District begins October 1 of each year and extends until September 30 of the ensuing year.

2.a.5.       Codification & Enabling Act

2.a.6.       Matlacha/ Pine Island Fire Control District

                5700 Pine Island Rd, Bokeelia, Fl 33922

                Phone: (239)283-0030     Fax: (239) 283-3313


2.a.7.       District Boundaries

2.a.8.       The District is authorized to levy Ad Valorem taxes, Impact Fees, user charges and non-ad valorem assessments as provided in                      Florida Chapter 2003-367.

              The District currently levies Ad Valorem taxes up to 3.7500 mills as approved by its qualified voters on March 15, 2016, or $3.75                    per  $1,000.00 of taxable assessed value as determined annually by the Lee County Property Appraiser.

              The District also charges Impact Fees on new Construction (Matlacha/Pine Island Impact Fees), the use of which is restricted to                      capital improvements necessary to provide service for new growth or expansion of equipment capabilities (not the replacement of                  existing apparatus). Impact Fees cannot be used for salaries or any of the District’s normal operational expenditures.

              The District has adopted a fee schedule for the various fire inspections fees (items listed). 

2.a.9.       Chief Benjamin Mickuleit 

                Matlacha/ Pine Island Fire Control District

                5700 Pine Island Rd, Bokeelia, Fl 33922

                Phone: (239)283-0030     Fax: (239) 283-3313


2.a.10.     MPIFCD follows the ethics provisions at www.ethics.state.fl.us Ethics Laws.

2.a.11      Budgets 2018-2019 & 2019-2020 & 2020-2021-2020-2021 FINAL

2.a.12.     Audit and Governance Letterhttps://apps.fldfs.com/localgov/reports/

2.a.13.     Notice of Meetings -click HERE

2.a.14.     Please see the link to the Department of Financial Services https://apps.fldfs.com/LocalGov/Reports/AdHoc.aspx  

2.a.15.     Please follow the link to find our meeting/workshop agendas

Public Facility Report -click HERE


Last updated July 2, 2021