Emergency Public Shelters

Alva/East Fort Myers
2.   Alva Elem/Middle School – 17500 Church St
23. Riverdale High School – 2600 Buckingham Rd

Bonita Springs
3.  Bonita Springs YMCA – 27200 Kent Rd

Cape Coral
5.  Diplomat Elementary – 1115 NE 16th Terrace
6.  Diplomat Middle – 1039 NE 16th Terrace
13. Island Coast High School – 2125 DeNavarra Pkwy
19. Mariner Middle School – 425 Chiquita Blvd


9.   Estero Recreation Center – 9200 Corkscrew Palm Blvd
10. Estero High School – 21900 River Ranch Rd
11. Germain Arena – 11000 Everblades Pkwy

Fort Myers

4. Colonial Elementary – 3800 Schoolhouse Rd
15. James Stephens International Academy – 1333
      Marsh Ave
24. Royal Palm Exceptional Center – 3050 Indian St
26. South Ft Myers High School –14020 Plantation Blvd
      Pet Friendly Shelter

 Lehigh Acres
8.   East Lee High School – 715 Thomas-Sherwin Ave
12. Harns Marsh Elementary – 1800 Unice Ave
16. Lehigh Senior High School – 801 Gunnery Rd
20. Mirror Lakes Elementary – 525 Charwood Ave
31.  Varsity Lakes Middle – 901 Gunnery Rd
32.  Veterans Park Academy – 49 Homestead Rd

North Fort Myers
14.  J. C. Colin English Elementary – 120 Pine Island Rd
17. Littleton Elementary – 700 Hutto Rd
21. N. Fort Myers Academy of the Arts – 1856 Arts Way
34. North Fort Myers Recreation Center – 2000 N. Recreation Parkway

San Carlos
1.    Alico Arena – 12181 FGCU Lake Pkwy
28. Three Oaks Elementary – 19600 Cypress View Dr
29. Three Oaks Middle – 18500 Three Oaks Pkwy

22. Oak Hammock Middle – 5321 Tice St

**Be Advised: We will NOT open all of these shelters during any single event. The opening of shelters is dependent upon the nature of each specific event.

Regional Evacuation Suggestions for Lee County Residents

If an evacuation is ordered listen to your Emergency Management’s recommendations. The following are some suggested destinations in Florida:

Southwest Florida Impacted by an Approaching Hurricane from the Gulf:
• Leaving early – head to Central Florida.
• Once an Evacuation is Ordered – head to Southeast Florida

Tampa Bay Area Impacted by an Approaching Hurricane from the Gulf:
• Leaving early – head to Southeast Florida.
• Once an Evacuation is Ordered – head to Southeast Florida, or stay in county, away from the Coast.

Hurricane Crossing the State (East to West), Impacting Lee County:
• Stay in Lee County, away from the Coast.

Hurricane Moving Parallel to Southwest Florida, Impacting Lee County:
• Stay in Lee County, away from the Coast.
What Does This Map Mean To You?

Evacuation Zones

The bold squiggly lines are main roads in Lee County, also designated as Evacuation Routes. We use these roads to create familiar boundaries on the map, and overlay the Storm Surge Map, forcing it to fit these boundaries.

Dividing the map in this way allows us to create a built-in safety margin for each Surge Evacuation Zone. Population and Evacuation Clearance Times influence the configuration of Surge Evacuation Zones.

The biggest misconception about the Storm Surge Map is regarding Zone N/C. This Zone is without a defined risk, because it is where the Storm Surge computer model ends. This will be corrected in future updates by the National Hurricane Center. Do not make the mistake of thinking it is the safest area of Lee County. Every part of Lee County is at risk from Storm Surge.

Evacuation Clearance Times

Evacuation Clearance Time is defined as the time necessary to safely evacuate people from the point when the evacuation order is given until the last evacuee can either leave the evacuation zone, or arrive at safe shelter with the county.

What does this mean for you? You need to evacuate early, and absolutely no later than when the evacuation order is given.

Moving people in Lee County takes quite some time, up to 41-hours, and
that time only increases once you leave the county. It can take  up to 89-hours to evacuate out of Southwest Florida simply because of the infrastructure.

To learn more about Evacuation in Lee County, visit our webpage:
Lee County Hurricane Preparation Guide